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Organisation development

Companies are complex organisms. They are living entities, subject to constant change and development processes. We draw on our broad base of know-how and years of experience supporting companies in dealing with internal and external influences or in tackling pending changes and optimisation processes. This may involve designing smooth processes or project workflows, realigning a company, offering support in times of crisis or drawing up successful generational succession plans at a family-owned business.

In short – we help companies in becoming more successful and ultimately in remaining relevant and competitive going forward. Our work focuses on communication, collaboration and solving possible conflicts. After all, the success of a company hinges on a combination of all of these factors:

  • Shaping change processes
  • Lean Process Management
  • Shopfloor management as a tool for communications, leadership and control
  • Improving interface management
  • Indicator-based management
  • Establishing effective structures
  • Boosting flexibility, innovation and the willingness to change
  • Implementing constructive company succession plans
Depending on your company’s goals and situation, we select a range of formats and adapt these to suit your specific needs. As part of this, we are able to draw on an array of team and manager development measures as well as workshops, training sessions and individual coaching. We select our measures depending on what makes most sense for your business and which option is likely to prove most effective.
impulse consulting | Regensburg

Interested in optimising specific workflows at your company? Are you facing fundamental changes to your business and you need an expert to support you through the next few steps? If so, we are more than happy to advise you.

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