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What makes an effective leadership personality? Is it the values or visions that you hold? Do a high-performance attitude and excellent team leadership style mark out a true leader? In our eyes, successful leadership emerges from the combination of management methods, leadership personality and inner attitude. As part of our in-house developed leadership program, we support managers from all levels of hierarchy in their leadership development, including junior managers and talented up-and-comers.

We can focus on specific management and leadership methods depending on what is required. One common point clients like to address is improved conversational skills or conscious role management. Other focuses also regularly include presentations and moderation, stakeholder management, planning and organisation, and strengthening individual decision-making skills. These focuses are reflected in our leadership program:

  • Developing and establishing values and visions
  • Boosting one’s own authority
  • Successful communication, clarity and courtesy
  • Motivating and inspiring; Empowering people
  • Strategies for successfully negotiating in conflict situations
  • Stress management
  • Bolstering personal resilience
For us, leadership means creating the necessary framework to allow employees to achieve their career goals in harmony with existing values.
impulse consulting | Regensburg

Leadership and management competency can be taught and learnt. We are happy to support you and selected employees from your company with our individually tailored programs.

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