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As coaches, we work in an effective, systematic and resource-driven way, always with the wellbeing of the individual at the forefront of our minds. The focus is always on the personal development of the individual and their role at work. Coaching can promote social skills and autonomy, bolster personal resilience, help people learn to use existing resources, develop new potential and exploit said potential in various contexts. Coaching essentially means helping people to help themselves. The coach and client work as partners on an equal footing as part of a solution-driven process over a limited time frame. Within the coaching process, we provide a protected framework in which we can collaborate on tackling challenges in a concentrated manner. Coaching sessions offer a space for trying out new things, confronting issues and developing a pronounced sense of self responsibility.

Our approach? First, we define the specific topic at hand, examine any expectations, targets and possibilities, and then make a binding agreement for the subsequent collaboration. As part of a second step, we analyse the status quo with the client, develop options for action as well as a work plan, the implementation of which is evaluated in regular meetings. The coaching concludes with a summary of the results and successes achieved.

Our services in the field of coaching are always anchored within the corporate sphere. The starting point for beginning a coaching partnership can range from carving out a new role, dealing with internal and external conflicts through to supporting managers in mastering specific challenges.
impulse consulting | Regensburg

Individual coaching is a good option for the following situations:

  • Managers in a new role
  • Before a reorientation within the company
  • In cases of overwork
  • In dealing with conflict situations
  • Before working within a new cultural environment
  • In order to persevere within difficult contexts
  • In decision-making situations
  • In developing a healthy work-life balance
  • In order to constructively implement corporate succession

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